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Closer to Africa is a dedicated community tour operator focused on using Tourism to uplift communities and preserve social culture.

We create life-changing experiences that offer closer connections to people & places whilst consciously having a positive impact.

I was taught to always add value and leave a place better than it was when I found it. We adopt this philosophy in all we do.

Zaki Harris – Founder, Closer to Africa


Travel Conscious

We only use local resident suppliers and support community conservation objectives to ensure overall inclusiveness and sustainability.

100% Local, Authentic & Ethical.

Discover Bo-Kaap’s Enchanting Beauty

Meet the unique people and discover the rich traditions and architecture of this Village-by-the-City. Our Bo-Kaap tours and activities take you on an unrestricted journey into Bo-Kaap life whilst making a positive impact.

Featured Tours

By choosing Closer to Africa, you can expect the most authentic experiences whilst playing your part in creating a healthier and more sustainable future for tourism alongside heritage and culture.

Always Local, Always Sustainable.

Our tours kick back 10% to a local community NPO.

Choose your perfect experience from our curated range of tours from responsible local suppliers.

What People Say

Highly recommend this tour from a local. Marked contrast to all the coach tours attempting to do the same. Feel the fee will go in to the community too. Fascinating history and across contemporary issues. He gave us much more time than quoted for

Paula. Mar, 11 2020

Featured Communities

Our communities are bursting with culture. Amazing people and enriching experiences await!

Explore Bo-Kaap

History, heritage, food, traditions & culture, Bo-Kaap has it all.

Lively Langa

Get closer to the action and explore Langa with a local host.

Discover Woodstock

Explore the diversity of this artsy community with local residents.

Khayelitsha Vibes

Cape Town’s largest township has a culture and vibe of its own.

We believe in working together to build a more sustainable travel community for future generations to enjoy.

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